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Oozing with culture and tradition, Connemara and the islands have a lot to offer.

Bíonn dhá insint ar scéal agus dhá leagan déag ar amhrán.

There are two versions to a story and twelve arrangements to a song.

Seanós (Irish language) singing is a staple of the cultural diet that we all grew up on in Connemara. The singing style is unique with most songs dealing with unrequited love or with emigration and mourning. However it is the delivery and execution of the song that makes the experience special. Seanós dancing is an uplifting freestyle method of dance where the emphasis is not only on the feet but on the upper body movement also.

Each dancer has their own style but all of them more than willing to share their knowledge and teach a few steps to anyone interested in learning. Music sessions whether private or public can be arranged with the melodion or button accordion being a popular instrument in the West of Ireland.

Arts and crafts are also an important part of life in Connemara and the islands. From weaving to basket making, painting to pottery and even making musical instruments, we pride ourselves in the rich culture and heritage on offer. Why not learn a few words and phrases of Irish, surprise your family and friends back home with greetings and sayings in Irish, the language of your forefathers.

Discover a few words from our beautiful Irish language

Hello > Dia duit (Dee ya gw-itch)

How are you? > Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú? (Kayn kwh-ee a will too)

I’m doing well > Tá mé go maith (thaw may guh mah)

How much is > Cé mhéad (Kay vayed)

Would you like…? > Ar mhaith leat…? (Er wah lath…?)

The food is lovely > Tá an bia go hálainn (Thaw on bee ya guh hall lin)

A cup of coffee please > Cupán caife le do thoil (Cup – awn coffee le du hull)

Gaelic football

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Plan the trip of a lifetime…

Tours can be arranged with a mix of cultural, heritage, food and pub experiences. With a wide range of activities from sheep herding demonstrations to seaweed foraging, cookery classes to traditional sessions by the fireside. Let us or your chosen Destination Management Company know what interests you and we will make it happen!