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The Aran Islands

There are three Islands collectively known as the Aran Islands that lie South off the Connemara Coast.

Ní fhanann trá le fear mall.

The ebbtide does not wait for a slow man.

Individually Inis Mór (large island) has a population of 1000 people, Inis Meáin (middle island) has 200 inhabitants and Inis Oírr (easterly Island) although the smallest geographically, has a population of just under 300 people year round. The islands are made up of limestone and had no natural topsoil until early inhabitants mixed the soil with sand and seaweed to fertilise the landscape. The drystone walls are a significant feature of island life with narrow roads and pathways connecting the various townlands and villages. There are a number of pre historic monuments on all islands some dating back thousands of years with Dún Aengus (Fort) perched on a cliffside on Inis Mór, St. Benin’s church known as the smallest church in the world, O Brien’s castle on Inis Oírr and Dún Chonchúir on Inis Meáin.

There is an abundance of Flora and Fauna on all three islands due to its warmer climate and the traditional way of living inherited from their forefathers is still very much in evidence on the islands. While the islands are extremely popular with visitors from March to October, we create off the beaten track experiences where you will meet local islanders who will share the island culture and history with you. From Aran sweater hand knitters to seaweed harvesters to local seafood and organic food grown between limestone walls, Aran has a lot to offer for that personal and unique island experience.

In addition to the Aran Islands, there are many deserted islands off the Connemara coast where we can take you on a personal discovery with a gourmet picnic to feast on while taking in the natural wildlife and sounds of the sea. Take a trip on a Galway Hooker sailing boat with its majestic sails swaying naturally in the wind or why not cast your fishing rod and feel the joy and exhilaration of landing a catch on board.

The Islands of Ireland Await.

Inis Mór
Inis Meáin
Inis Oírr

Plan the trip of a lifetime…

Tours can be arranged with a mix of cultural, heritage, food and pub experiences. With a wide range of activities from sheep herding demonstrations to seaweed foraging, cookery classes to traditional sessions by the fireside. Let us or your chosen Destination Management Company know what interests you and we will make it happen!